Sora Satoh is a Japanese singer-songwriter & guitarist creating Neo CityPop by blending modern music elements into 70s/80s CityPop. He has spent more than half of his lifetime outside Japan and has been working internationally, not only playing festivals and concerts over 10 countries and 30 cities, but also running a cross-cultural music community called Neo Tokyo (

The theme of Sora’s songs are based on unique Japanese vocabulary and philosophy. He creates modern City Pop sounds with smoky vocals, funk/neo-soul groove, tasty blues guitar, and laid back jazz harmony. His music style emanates the sounds of blues, soul, and jazz and combines them with catchy melodies.

Sora grew up listening to CityPop and The Beatles. When he moved to the UK to study music, he got into afro-american music such as blues, jazz, funk, neo-soul etc. After graduation, he started traveling the world with his guitar. He started out busking in Galway, Ireland, and has built a reputation one performance at a time. Highlights of his journey have been recording guitar for a German TV advertisement and playing music festivals in Europe (with ex-Weather Girls Ingrid Arthur and others).

For inquiries about performances, music commissions (songwriting/composing/arranging/recording/poducing), YouTube collaborations etc, please contact me:

Recent activities

May 2020 Made a Japanese cross-cultural music community 【Neo Tokyo(】

Nov 2019 Started YouTube channel

Aug 2019 [Video below] Festival with Ingrid Arthur (ex Weather Girls)

Aug 2018 Played music festivals in Germany and Croatia

Jul 2018 Recorded for a TV advert in Germany [The video below]

About me

Sora Satoh (Representative of Border-free Music)

Favourite genre: CityPop, African American music (blues/jazz/neo-soul etc), folk

Favourite musicians: Tatsuro Yamashita, KIRINJI, The Beatles, John Mayer, D'Angelo etc

Hobbies: Painting, museums, nature